Six Mistakes Parents Make When Naming Guardians For Your Children

Find out exactly what you can do to make sure your kids would always be taken care of by people you know, love, and trust – no matter what.

What You Will Learn

We understand that working with a lawyer is not high on your list of fun things to do. Many of our clients felt the same way before they named guardians for their kids, but absolutely loved it after they got their ducks in a row.

have you named a backup?

Discover why you need backup guardians, and what to do if you name a married couple.

what would a judge say?

Learn whether a judge can trump what you put in your estate plan – and why.

is a will enough?

Find out how a will works, and how exactly it is NOT when you need when naming guardians.

what happens in case of emergency?

This is probably a question you have not even asked yourself before. Guardianship is not just about long-term raising of your children, but equally about short-term emergency situations.

Six Mistakes Most People Make When Choosing an Estate Planning Attorney

Did you know that many families fly in the dark when it comes to securing their legacy for their loved ones? You can avoid these mistakes today by discovering exactly what to consider when hiring the best estate planning attorney for your family.

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