Divorce Intelligence®

Divorce Intellegence®

Working With an Experienced Divorce Coach

Attorney Gina Marie DePrima, Esq. is a Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach who works with couples to find an alternative approach to the difficult process of divorce. Our Divorce Intelligence® system is a service designed to assist individuals going through a divorce by providing the necessary legal help alongside a host of other emotional services. These services are designed to help divorcing individuals resolve conflicts more easily and align their goals in order to make the divorce process easier.

Some couples may be able to work together to resolve the issues within their marriage that led to divorce; however, those who know divorce is the best option may seek a civil, respectful split. The involvement of a divorce coach can help couples to peacefully work towards agreements on issues like property division, spousal maintenance, child custody, visitation, and more. This can be an incredible advantage in any divorce case, particularly when children are involved.

Parents will continue to work beside one another for years to come as they co-parent, which makes a courteous divorce all the more important. A divorce does not have to be an all-out battle. Through Divorce Intelligence®, you can turn the page and open a new chapter as you and your family begin moving forward.

There are many benefits to Divorce Intelligence®, including:

  • Reducing stress
  • Faster time reaching a resolution
  • Lower legal fees in some cases
  • The opportunity to make your own decisions
  • Finding a more peaceful conclusion to your marriage

Qualified & Compassionate Coaching

As a Conscious Uncoupling™ Coach, Gina DePrima offers incredible value to her clients. She guides them through all aspects of the legal process and uses her years of experience to look ahead and provide a smoother route to resolution. Divorce Intelligence® is a growing trend as many divorcing couples look for a better alternative to traditional divorce. You can end your marriage gracefully and in a way that allows you and your former spouse to move forward.

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