Divorce Mediation Lawyer in Buffalo, NY

How Does Mediation Typically Work?

The entire purpose of divorce mediation is to limit disagreements and arguments that will drag you into the courtroom. With an integrated approach to divorce through mediation, you may be able to settle your issues without the need to get the court involved. It is worth emphasizing that the underlying concept in mediation is cooperation.

The usual process for divorce mediation will be:

  1. You and your spouse meet Attorney Gina DePrima, who is acting as your neutral mediator. Usually, there will be no need to bring in attorneys for individualized representation.
  2. Attorney DePrima listens to both of your concerns, interests, and goals to get a clear idea of what you both want out of your divorce. With cooperation being the key to mediation, the solution must be one that satisfies you both Otherwise, the case will just go to litigation anyway.
  3. You and your spouse discuss how to reach amicable ends to all of your divorce concerns and conflicts, like those regarding child custody and property division.
  4. All the while, Attorney DePrima will be there to guide the conversation, encourage cooperation and flexibility, and also clarify legal questions. She is not there to take sides or try to convince either of you to make a decision one way or another.
  5. Mediation is conducted across one or more sessions until all issues are resolved. A divorce contract is drafted using your guidelines before being brought to court for officiation.

As a Buffalo divorce mediator for the Center of Dispute Resolution and Justice, you can trust that Attorney Gina DePrima will be able to successfully guide you through divorce mediation. The outcomes you reach will not only satisfy your best interests, but they will also be compliant with New York family law, so the court should not hesitate to approve of your divorce.

Benefits of Divorce Mediation vs. Litigation

Mediation is beneficial and definitely worth your time to explore. No matter the details of your divorce and the life you shared with your soon-to-be ex-spouse, we are confident you will be able to enjoy all the many advantages of mediation.

Divorce mediation can offer the following benefits:

  • Save money: You will spend less money than you would on court proceedings and attorney fees because you can solve everything through mediation. Simply paying court costs to book time in the courtroom can be much more expensive than most divorcing couples realize.
  • More control of decisions: You can reach resolutions that address your family’s unique situation and needs. In a contested divorce, a judge will make these decisions. That judge will not have the intimate knowledge of your family and your relationship to make the same decisions you and your spouse may make with a mediator’s help.
  • Less time: You can reach a resolution far faster than you would in court. Instead of waiting months for the next available court date, you can set up mediation appointments and have matters resolved in just a few sessions. Thanks to Attorney DePrima’s experience as a mediator and background as a co-parenting coach, some mediation cases only take one session to complete.
  • Increased privacy: There is greater confidentiality in divorce mediation proceedings. In court, you will argue and present your case in front of a judge, court employees, other litigants, attorneys, and any member of the public who decided to walk in. Mediation is private and confidential, held in a conference room or law firm of your choosing.
  • Happier children: Your children will be better protected from conflict, as they will not be required to attend or testify in court. Mediation tends to end with everyone feeling happier and more content. The confidence boost that you and your spouse each enjoy will be noticed and reflected in your children’s own moods.

Divorce involves establishing agreements regarding sensitive matters like custody, support, and the division of property, making it a difficult undertaking in any context. However, it does not have to be a disruptive, argumentative experience. At DePrima Law, we take a balanced approach to conflict through divorce mediation. We know there is no one-size-fits-all legal solution for your family. As a divorce mediator in Buffalo, NY, Attorney Gina Marie DePrima takes a holistic approach to advising clients on legal issues. She is passionate about finding a beneficial balance to conflict resolution. Premium Member
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