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Legal matters regarding the family and/or your personal estate require continual professional support to ensure your loved ones and your prized possessions are protected through every season of life. Rather than scrambling to find a new attorney every time a problem comes up, you deserve to work with a trusted professional who can act as your attorney for life. That’s what we aim for at DePrima Law.

We want to understand what motivates our clients, what keeps them up at night, and what their goals are. It’s not enough for a lawyer to meet with a person a couple of times, send them an invoice, and move on. At DePrima Law, we stay connected with our clients. We know how their life changes–and we know when those changes mean it’s time to revisit their legal affairs. Having a lawyer for life gives clients stability and peace of mind. That’s what you get at DePrima Law.

Buffalo Estate Planning Attorney

Estate planning isn’t just for wealthy people, and it isn’t only for people who are already retired. Too often, families become aware of the need for estate planning only after tragedy strikes. The consequences of a lack of estate planning can mean courtroom appearances and inter-family legal battles that fracture relationships and deprive people the chance to mourn the loss of their loved one.

At DePrima Law, we put together legal plans to ensure that your entire family is taken care of, both in the present and future. Whether you are a young family in need of guardianship plans or a will, or you are seeking a more long-term financial plan when setting up a trust. When you have a lawyer for life, they can advise on how life changes could impact the estate plan. At DePrima Law, we want to go on life’s journey with our clients, giving them peace of mind about their legal affairs in the present, and ensuring their heirs have a peaceful way to settle the estate.

Buffalo Family and Divorce Attorney

Whether you're facing divorce, custody issues, or other family law concerns, you need a lawyer who has deep experience, sharp legal training, and real compassion for their clients. When a person is going through a painful time, they need to have the peace of mind that comes from knowing their lawyer is on top of the myriad of details that arise in a divorce or family law case. Who gets what property? Where will the kids end up? How will negotiations on spousal support and child support turn out? These are decisions with much at stake and that can be fraught with legal detail. Someone dealing with personal pain needs their lawyer to take the burden off their shoulders.

At DePrima Law, we approach every case as if we are caring for our own families. We fight hard for our clients, but we also listen to our clients. We learn what matters most to them. We look for solutions that can be as amicable as possible, and never at the expense of our client’s best interests or those of their children.

Gina Marie DePrima, Esq.

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Estate Planning Essentials  A Quick Primer

Estate Planning Essentials for Every Parent

Free Online Presentation

Estate Planning Essentials  A Quick Primer

Estate Planning Essentials for Every Parent

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